Helping Changemakers grow

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Whether you are a professional or volunteer Changemaker, we are always facing challenges that are very specific for our line of work. And it is usually insufficient to ask for help from friends and family from other areas, because of the nature of these challenges.

NOW has open spots for its new tool to support social change in the world. Using our experience, Learning Facilitation methods, and peer support, we hope to create an inspiring environment for Changemakers to develop competences and skills to make their work better.

– The Changemaker reflection group is formed by 7-8 diverse people that work as changemakers in different capacities, places and expertise levels.
– The objective is to discuss common challenges of the changemaker work and learn together, support each other’s personal development, and build up our knowledge on issues, methods, and strategies for changemaking.
– Each reflection group has a cycle of 4 months.
– During this cycle, every person commits to one monthly online discussion (2h) and around 1 hour a week to focused discussions on the themes of their choice.

If you are interested to participate in a Changemaker Reflection Group, please send your application through this link. The next cycle will begin shortly.