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Instituto NOW

NOW services are offered through collaboration with Instituto NOW.

Our sister organisation aims to offer learning experiences that help people and organizations grow. Instituto NOW dives into the most diverse environments where learning takes place, to design and facilitate powerful and meaningful experiences.

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Free resources

NOW Journey Blueprint

In the NOW Journey Blueprint we are sharing with you NOW’s experience with creating an inclusive blended learning program that stimulate our participants’ commitment to changemaking and diversity. You will find a combination of best practices, tips and tricks around everything from managing your team to creating the program and measuring its impact.

NOW Project Development Handbook

The NOW Project Development Handbook is a document anyone can use to create or improve their social change initiatives. Besides giving step-by-step instructions on different aspects of creating social change projects, it also links to many other useful resources.

NOW App report

Making learning visible: an App that measures 21st Century Competences (currently only available in Portuguese) has been created by Instituto NOW to give you a head start into evaluating learning working with competences.

Some of Instituto NOW’s projects included:

Amani Institute

Amani Institute's Social Impact Training focuses on the sustainable development of social impact initiatives. Instituto NOW measures the program's competency matrix and monitors the development of participants throughout the course.


Equip aims to support teaching staff at universities and high schools in dealing positively with diversity in the classroom. We supported the Equip team in script writing for their online learning videos.


For 350.org we designed and facilitated a meaningful Team Retreat for their communications team. The project included needs assessment interviews, design of the program, facilitation and support for the participants.


How do I know where to direct my career? What structure? What opportunities are there? CareerEar is a UK platform created to help answer these kinds of questions - with a strong focus on less privileged youth. We had the opportunity to support this exceptional project in including a competency perspective on the platform.