NOW Workshop Series:
Trust and Sustainable Change

Are you passionate about equality, fairness, or inclusiveness? Would you like to explore tools and methods to engage your community and initiate lasting trust, growth, and change? Are you keen to bring people together and collaborate with them for a brighter and more just future?

NOW offers online workshops related to facilitation, community work, and empowerment. Each workshop is dedicated to a particular topic. In October 2023, this topic is trust and how important it is for bringing about sustainable change.

Trust is central for making communities thrive. But what does trust mean exactly? Why is it important for social change? How can we build and maintain trust for mutual empowerment?

Join us for this free online workshop on trust and its relevance for community building. Maybe you just started out to shape and influence your community, or maybe you’ve been doing so for a long time. This workshop is for you if you want to explore and pratice peer-to-peer learning, meet other like-minded people, share your experiences and learn from others, and discuss challenges and achievements.

About us

We are an international group of teachers, learning designers, facilitators, coaches, and scientists. Over the years, we have worked with so many amazing communities all around the globe on topics such as empowerment, democracy, mental health, education, sustainability, decolonial thinking, and personal growth. Our mission is to create safer learning spaces for all, especially for people who identify as being from marginalized groups in our society. We believe in openness, inclusiveness, co-creation, and sharing.

Meet your hosts

Portrait of Letícia

Letícia is Brazilian, living as a nomad. She tends to get lost in time when exploring new vegan recipes, loves cycling, hiking in the woods and lazy time at the beach. As a learning designer and facilitator, she thrives when working in collaborative settings and is passionate about the power of community learning.

Portrait of Guto

Guto can tell you all about bringing energy to your activities! He has experience with facilitation and teaching in both in-person and online courses. He has many original jokes that he creates while riding his bike everywhere. Fancy hearing one?

Portrait of Chris

Chris lives in Switzerland. Besides teaching at university, he works as a coach and author. For him, life becomes meaningful through friendship, art, letting the soul roam freely, and the ever-changing beauty of nature. Chris loves cats for their fluffiness, and butterflies for the dreams they have.

When? Where? How much?

On October 11th, 2023, from 18.30 to 20.30 (UTC+2), we’ll get to know each other and share our experiences regarding our community involvements. We’ll discuss the power of trust and how to promote it. Two weeks later, on October 25th same time, we’ll come together once again to exchange on what we’ve learned in the meantime and how to continue, and deal with any open questions or concerns.



We would love meeting you to share and learn. The event is completely free of charge. We just need an email address to send you the meeting link.


Sign up any time until October 4th