Getting into the FLOW

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Here’s how I experienced the first weeks of the online course FLOW:

I started 2017 determined to make it my best year yet. I took the decision to move out of Switzerland and go back to my home country Brazil to accelerate my career transition from Marketing into Visual Arts. I saw FLOW would focus on personal development and understood it would be a good complement to this phase of my life.

As the first two weeks of the course went by, I have already immersed myself on watching and reading materials related to the weekly topics “self-reflection” and “diversity”. Besides that, I had a conversation with my FLOW coach that helped me to better craft my goal for the course. Below you can see my small, fluffy, audacious goal (called SFAG):

This week I have started a support group with other participants to hold each other accountable regarding the achievement of each person’s SFAG. I personally believe this can be a good source of inspiration. Especially because one big step just happened: I flew back to Brazil at the end of March.

It’s not easy to keep track of an online course and I can see how some of my peers struggle with this. For me, it helps a lot that I can check Slack app in my phone every day and see what’s FLOW’s input for my day. This helps me not only absorb content and get to know others little by little, but also to keep myself motivated. On the app we use for FLOW, weekly and other topics are arranged in categories called channels, which facilitates the search for information.

FLOW is helping me to keep inspired and take action to concretize the transition I set myself to do this year. I’m looking forward to continuing the course, learn and interact with others about the next topics “global & local”, “mindfulness”, “allyism”, “communication”, and “creativity”.


Written by Luciana Quinto, participant of FLOW 2017