Getting into the FLOW

Here’s how I experienced the first weeks of the online course FLOW: I started 2017 determined to make it my best year yet. I took the decision to move out of Switzerland and go back to my home country Brazil to accelerate my career transition from Marketing into Visual Arts. I saw FLOW would focus […]

What’s with the Glitter and Unicorns?

When we tell our friends about NOW, a common reaction we get is this: “Well, your project sounds great. But why glitter and unicorns? After all, what should this mystical creature from fairy tales, beloved by small girls, daydreamers and fantasy nerds alike, have to do with a hands-on educational program on diversity, global issues, […]

We’re not planning to do this alone!

One question we often get regarding NOW is: How do you actually reach those unlikely participants? For us it was always clear that to reach the young people we could not reach alone, we would need partners. But partners are important for us not only because of that! Collaboration is what makes movements, organizations and […]