Artigos não definem quem somos!

Sejam bem-vindas,   Sejam bem-vindos,   Sejam bem-vindEs!  Era assim que começavam todas as palestras da II Conferência SSEX BBOX – Sexualidade Fora da Caixa. Nunca estive tão acostumado com essa provocação, inclusive me dou conta da importância em forçar este estranhamento nas pessoas. Por exemplo, enquanto uma pessoa cisgênera, eu ainda não me deparei com alguém […]

Getting into the FLOW

Here’s how I experienced the first weeks of the online course FLOW: I started 2017 determined to make it my best year yet. I took the decision to move out of Switzerland and go back to my home country Brazil to accelerate my career transition from Marketing into Visual Arts. I saw FLOW would focus […]

Passing on our knowledge

Today, we share a story on how we empowered Schülerpaten Berlin to come closer together as a team and an organisation: By sharing what we have learned so far from our own experiences about collaboration (as a team composed of almost exclusively volunteer power bridging 10 countries and four times zones) and team structure.  We […]

Vamos juntxs?

Nesse primeiro NOW Talk em português, nossas NOWers Pati e Elis conversam sobre o Juntxs, novo programa do NOW no Brasil voltado para ‘jovens nem-nem’: que não estão nem trabalhando nem estudando. Elis: É tão legal poder estar escrevendo o primeiro post do blog do NOW em português! E mais legal ainda estar conversando com […]

Making It Easy for People to do the Right Thing!

Most of us share some basic values like human rights, equality, and social  justice. We share these values because we all believe that these values are very fundamental and indisputable. But when it comes to the animal rights or in much general way “rights of nature” we generally find some excuses to do the “right […]

This journey did not end at the Future Forum

“It’s a dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings Zlatka: @ghizlane,[themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”]: How was the time leading up to the Future Forum for you? How did […]

A sharing bond

It was on the 14th of November, at night, when everything started. Two introverts, two cities and two buddy-exchanges that were waiting to happen. First destination: Athens. When Kriszta arrived in her host’s house she felt like home. Here, just like in her hometown, the streets were so busy and there where no parking places. […]

From Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey

My trip from a rainy Sarajevo to Antalya started on September 27th. As I stepped in the ground of Antalya I also became aware that it was a full summer over there. Tolga and his friend Nurdan welcomed me and we headed to the apartment where I was going to stay during my visit. I […]

Colors of Casablanca

During the NOW Encounter, I had worked in small projects with Zvijezdana. My impression is that she is a talented young lady and we formed a great team, but we did not get to know each other more outside of the sessions. I am really excited to spend a week with her in the buddy […]

The Tools we use – how to work harmoniously across borders

Most of NOW’s work happens virtually, connecting digital nomads and after-work entrepreneurs from four time-zones: from Istanbul to Florianopolis and Bordeaux to Buenos Aires. This blog post gives you an insight into how we’re making that work. A recent highlight in the NOW story has been the opening of the Brussels office. Well, it’s not […]

NOW talk: taking care of ourselves

Overworking seems to be a normal thing in the social sector. How can we build an impactful organisation without putting our own well-being at risk? What does work-life balance mean in a team where most members are volunteers? That’s the topic Annina and Ömer discussed in their NOW talk. Annina: What does life-work balance actually […]

Change hurts, but it’s worth it

The weeks have passed since the NOW Encounter ended. Those 10 days were powerful and life changing. Thinking back recalls warm, positive and energizing emotions. What they created for me, is an ongoing reflection on who I am and what I really need in my life. Our little paradise Imagine: no hate or judgement, just […]