Learning opportunities

Aligned with our learning principles, we aim to create NOW as an organization that fosters meaningful learning opportunities.

We understand diversity as a key for our growth and for developing solutions for global and local challenges.


Facilitathon is an intensive facilitation training for experienced facilitators. We have already implemented more than 5 editions of the program with participants from all over Europe and beyond. Peer-to-peer learning and experimentation are at the core of the methodology. Learn more.


Reflection Groups

NOW Reflection Groups create a community to share with and learn from others. They can help you be more mindful and purposeful in your life and your actions as a changemakers, and develop your facilitation skills.


With Shift we are bringing the NOW experience online. Participants dive into a real changemaker’s reality through interactive virtual experiences. Besides kicking off their own social change initiative, Shift allows participants to develop 21st Century Competencies linked to Leadership, Bridging Differences, Changemaking and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

“At one point I felt like I was just peeling onions in the kitchen while everybody else was doing social change. But then my team members reminded me of the impact our food had on the participants’ reflections about their eating habits, I realized that actually peeling onions can make this world a tiny bit better.”

Johanna about her experience as head of the kitchen at the NOW Encounter