Out of the safe zone towards new beginnings

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It all started on a Saturday. I was having a good time my time with family – playing board games and laughing. Like always, I checked my iPhone out of the habit, you know…just in case something interesting happens. Usually, I get few Facebook notifications and spam or work mail, but on that particular Saturday evening I got a special e-mail – Welcome to the NOW Journey.

My heart was pounding out of excitement and I shouted out laud: “I got in!” By the way, I am not the kind of person who shouts. After a few minutes I started to notice different feelings – excitement, fear, hope.

Fears – making them useful

One of my biggest fear is to fail with my English. I have these questions in my mind: “What if my English is awful? What if I cannot make myself understandable to others? What if, what if, what if…” The funny thing is, I am perfectly capable to use English daily without great problems. Still, I have this irrational fear, but I am turning it into positive excitement: “What if I am learning some new phrases, what if I get better at self-expression?”

I do have another fear: “What if my roommates and I won’t get along? What if I don’t find anyone with whom to hang out and spend my free time? What if my learning buddy is lazy and we don’t get along?” You have to admit that those fears aren’t completely irrational since there is a slight possibility that I won’t be able to find my kind of people. Still, I have ability to connect with anyone thanks to two simple tips:

  1. Find mutual interest and talk about it;
  2. Find something good in that person and focus on it.


I don’t want to get my hopes high and that’s the reason why I don’t have many expectations. Instead of creating my own picture of NOW Encounter, I’m keeping an open mind to experience and discover everything – good and bad, new and old. Though, I do have few demands to myself.

First of all, I have to find new friends and make new contacts! In some new situations, I tend to crawl back to my safe place. In other words, I’m back at comfort zone which means I’m killing a possibility for great things to happen.

I’m passionate about learning! Therefore, it’s easy to guess my second expectation to myself: I have to learn as much as possible! The really special thing about the NOW Encounter is to learn from others who work and live on various areas. Isn’t it wonderful?

Oh, I almost forgot! Actually, I do have few expectations towards organizers: please organize good food and coffee, take us to (simple) hikes and let’s discover Chur. And t-shirts would be nice.


Anyway, as we Estonians say: “Pikk jutt, sitt jutt,” which basically means ‘long stories are the bad ones’, so I will stop here. Stay safe, positive and see you soon.


Written by Gerttu, NOW Journey participant and blogger.