Grow, Learn, Change

During NOW’s restructuring process, we realised we have an amazing network of people who want to learn from each other, want to create change in the world, and want to grow together. We also noticed that staying connected across distances and supporting each other in our development as changemakers was a powerful element of our programs. We would like to continue making this possible on a smaller scale and with volunteer based activities.



And, we want to build this together with you!


Currently, we are envisioning the following elements:

GROW: Monthly online reflection groups
LEARN: A platform to share our learnings from NOW, and give opportunities to others to share theirs
CHANGE: The possibility to receive feedback on impact ideas and projects, and connect them to NOW

A pilot reflection group will start immediately with NOWers and a new group of people from the Learning Facilitation Training. To participate, you can get in contact with Guto.

If you’d like to be a part of this, please join our NOW Community Facebook group or – if you’re not on Facebook – send us an email!

Annina, Claire, Guto, and Myrta