NOW publishes a statement regarding the detainment of Cihan Erdal NOW is an internationally active association based in Switzerland, which creates non-formal learning opportunities for youth and adults. We are committed to peaceful coexistence and to contribute to creating a world without injustices, which is reflected in our core values of inclusion, respect for human […]

Groupe de Réflexion autour de la création du changement

  Dans notre travail d’accompagnement à la création du changement (changemaker) professionnel ou bénévole, nous sommes toujours confrontés à des défis très spécifiques à notre métier. Et il est généralement insuffisant de demander de l’aide à nos amis ou aux membres de notre famille. NOW a des places ouvertes pour son nouvel outil de soutien […]

Helping Changemakers grow

Whether you are a professional or volunteer Changemaker, we are always facing challenges that are very specific for our line of work. And it is usually insufficient to ask for help from friends and family from other areas, because of the nature of these challenges. NOW has open spots for its new tool to support […]

Grow, Learn, Change

During NOW’s restructuring process, we realised we have an amazing network of people who want to learn from each other, want to create change in the world, and want to grow together. We also noticed that staying connected across distances and supporting each other in our development as changemakers was a powerful element of our […]

We’re not planning to do this alone!

One question we often get regarding NOW is: How do you actually reach those unlikely participants? For us it was always clear that to reach the young people we could not reach alone, we would need partners. But partners are important for us not only because of that! Collaboration is what makes movements, organizations and […]