NOW publishes a statement regarding the detainment of Cihan Erdal NOW is an internationally active association based in Switzerland, which creates non-formal learning opportunities for youth and adults. We are committed to peaceful coexistence and to contribute to creating a world without injustices, which is reflected in our core values of inclusion, respect for human […]

Helping Changemakers grow

Whether you are a professional or volunteer Changemaker, we are always facing challenges that are very specific for our line of work. And it is usually insufficient to ask for help from friends and family from other areas, because of the nature of these challenges. NOW has open spots for its new tool to support […]

Artigos não definem quem somos!

Sejam bem-vindas,   Sejam bem-vindos,   Sejam bem-vindEs!  Era assim que começavam todas as palestras da II Conferência SSEX BBOX – Sexualidade Fora da Caixa. Nunca estive tão acostumado com essa provocação, inclusive me dou conta da importância em forçar este estranhamento nas pessoas. Por exemplo, enquanto uma pessoa cisgênera, eu ainda não me deparei com alguém […]

Making It Easy for People to do the Right Thing!

Most of us share some basic values like human rights, equality, and social  justice. We share these values because we all believe that these values are very fundamental and indisputable. But when it comes to the animal rights or in much general way “rights of nature” we generally find some excuses to do the “right […]

NOW talk: Food for social change

Vegan meals – what started off as a bit of a shock to some of our participants, soon turned into a appreciated experience by many. In this NOW talk Johanna and Rahel discuss the reasons behind this choice and the potential of using food to foster social change. Rahel: Johanna, you were our head of […]