Grow, Learn, Change

During NOW’s restructuring process, we realised we have an amazing network of people who want to learn from each other, want to create change in the world, and want to grow together. We also noticed that staying connected across distances and supporting each other in our development as changemakers was a powerful element of our […]

The big NOW re-structuring

The need We started NOW out of pure enthusiasm in 2015. Officially instated as non-profit association in Switzerland in 2016, we never took the time to explore what would be the ideal set-up for this endeavour. We had lots of ideals of equality and inclusion, but not the experience of making such an organization work. […]

The comfort of informality

Imagine a moment you had recently when someone commented on something you did not do so well. What did you feel at that time? What did the person say or do that caused this feeling? For me receiving feedback was for a long time associated with negative feelings and misunderstandings. Yet, today I’m finding myself  […]

Vamos a América Latina

Latin America… a new continent for NOW. Fenna and Elis discuss in their NOW talk the Why and How behind this next big step. Fenna: I guess we could start by saying that NOW has never been a European project. When we first talked about NOW, the NOW Journey was thought as a global program. […]

The Tools we use – how to work harmoniously across borders

Most of NOW’s work happens virtually, connecting digital nomads and after-work entrepreneurs from four time-zones: from Istanbul to Florianopolis and Bordeaux to Buenos Aires. This blog post gives you an insight into how we’re making that work. A recent highlight in the NOW story has been the opening of the Brussels office. Well, it’s not […]

The NOW educational approach – or why I consider myself a learner

What do you do? If you are not a nurse, a painter or a lawyer, you might know how difficult this question can be. I like to think of myself as an educator. Here’s a bit about the journey that brought me to leading the educational design team of NOW and about what the NOW […]

The Sustainability Challenge – or how far will you go for your values?

Most organization have values and ideas of how they would like to treat our planet and the people that live on it. Reality, however, is much more difficult – especially when it comes to upholding values of sustainability. Here’s how NOW tries to deal with that. Being active in social change, it is not a […]

Practicing diversity – or what the heck is “ally-ism”

Creating a new organization also means creating a culture. At the basis of a culture are its values. Here is what that has to do with becoming allies. When the NOW team started working together, our values were unspoken. Yet I believe that none of us had doubts that they were shared. To make our […]

NOW participants – the who and the how for change

It’s happening! After months of planning, the NOW journey is finally materializing. We are in the middle of selecting our participants and can’t wait to get to know the first 30 NOWers to start their Journey. What could be a better response to our project than getting 140 applications? 140 young people who want to […]

What’s with the Glitter and Unicorns?

When we tell our friends about NOW, a common reaction we get is this: “Well, your project sounds great. But why glitter and unicorns? After all, what should this mystical creature from fairy tales, beloved by small girls, daydreamers and fantasy nerds alike, have to do with a hands-on educational program on diversity, global issues, […]

We’re not planning to do this alone!

One question we often get regarding NOW is: How do you actually reach those unlikely participants? For us it was always clear that to reach the young people we could not reach alone, we would need partners. But partners are important for us not only because of that! Collaboration is what makes movements, organizations and […]

Why NOW?

“Youth is the future” – somehow it all started with that sentence. One and half years later, we find ourselves with an organization of our own. Imagine you’re sitting in a conference on education. The room is filled with bright and engaged young people. On the stage a group of elderly white men discuss the […]