Embracing emotions in Jūrmala

Arriving to winter wonderland When I travel, one of the things I do, is to ask locals for words that exist only in their language and which full meaning can not be translated easily. For my time in Latvia, this word will be vakarēša – which means an „evening being“ when you get to sit […]

The comfort of informality

Imagine a moment you had recently when someone commented on something you did not do so well. What did you feel at that time? What did the person say or do that caused this feeling? For me receiving feedback was for a long time associated with negative feelings and misunderstandings. Yet, today I’m finding myself  […]

Passing on our knowledge

Today, we share a story on how we empowered Schülerpaten Berlin to come closer together as a team and an organisation: By sharing what we have learned so far from our own experiences about collaboration (as a team composed of almost exclusively volunteer power bridging 10 countries and four times zones) and team structure.  We […]

The Tools we use – how to work harmoniously across borders

Most of NOW’s work happens virtually, connecting digital nomads and after-work entrepreneurs from four time-zones: from Istanbul to Florianopolis and Bordeaux to Buenos Aires. This blog post gives you an insight into how we’re making that work. A recent highlight in the NOW story has been the opening of the Brussels office. Well, it’s not […]

Practicing diversity – or what the heck is “ally-ism”

Creating a new organization also means creating a culture. At the basis of a culture are its values. Here is what that has to do with becoming allies. When the NOW team started working together, our values were unspoken. Yet I believe that none of us had doubts that they were shared. To make our […]

We’re not planning to do this alone!

One question we often get regarding NOW is: How do you actually reach those unlikely participants? For us it was always clear that to reach the young people we could not reach alone, we would need partners. But partners are important for us not only because of that! Collaboration is what makes movements, organizations and […]