The NOW educational approach – or why I consider myself a learner

What do you do? If you are not a nurse, a painter or a lawyer, you might know how difficult this question can be. I like to think of myself as an educator. Here’s a bit about the journey that brought me to leading the educational design team of NOW and about what the NOW […]

Out of the safe zone towards new beginnings

It all started on a Saturday. I was having a good time my time with family – playing board games and laughing. Like always, I checked my iPhone out of the habit, you know…just in case something interesting happens. Usually, I get few Facebook notifications and spam or work mail, but on that particular Saturday […]

The Sustainability Challenge – or how far will you go for your values?

Most organization have values and ideas of how they would like to treat our planet and the people that live on it. Reality, however, is much more difficult – especially when it comes to upholding values of sustainability. Here’s how NOW tries to deal with that. Being active in social change, it is not a […]