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Mohamed from Morroco

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With just 1500 € we can make the NOW Journey experience possible for one “unlikely NOWer”. This fee covers sustainable transportation to and from in-person elements of the NOW Journey – the NOW Encounter, Buddy Exchange and Future Forum – as well as  accommodation and board for 14 day. But most importantly, our scholarships give participants access to our learning program together with 29 other motivated young people. They will be accompanied by a personal learning facilitators and a coach who will support them on their personal development.

With your contribution you will enable a young motivated NOWer to profit from tailored made on- and offline half year inter-diversity learning and empowerment program. Learn more about this year’s Journey here.  

Finding their unique contribution to their own  community is an important step on the way to become a NOWer. During the course of NOW Journey, participants learn how to design and implement their own social change projects. You can find examples from the 2016 edition here.

These projects sometimes need small financial investments to cover costs (transport, material, etc.). Not all participants live in realities where this kind of money is easily accessible. While the program also includes learning about fundraising, we also created the project fund. Every NOWer, who is participating in the current journey can apply for a financial support for his or her project. The whole project fund is self-governed by the current batch of NOWers. Your donations goes directly to the project fund.

NOW is an organization that runs almost exclusively by volunteer power: 95% of our time spent on designing, planning and executing the NOW Journey and other NOW project, marketing, creating on-and offline content and much more are not remunerated. That allows us to go very far with the money we raise.

Your donation will help us cover the ad-hoc costs for the NOW Journey as well as other NOW projects – unicorn marketing materials, costs for our website or travel support for NOW team members. As an organization, we aim for  full transparency – in our goals, structure as well as finances. At the end of the year, you will receive a report on how your donation was spent.

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What NOWers says about being part of this project

  • “Being part of NOW is an inspiring experience of believing in social change and the power of young people.”


  • “Within NOW, I find my true spirit that is interculturally sensitive, personally mindful, socially inclusive and mentally activated!”



  • “I love to create this project with wonderful people who are part of it because they believe in it and dare to make it happen.”




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