What is coaching and why should we try it?

A lot of things happen when you start doing a ‘social impact project’. I did a few and experienced a lot of personal and practical challenges. It calls upon strengths like perseverance, flexibility, asking for help and sometimes letting go of initial ideas. It is also a challenge to implement a project next to other […]

NOW participants – the who and the how for change

It’s happening! After months of planning, the NOW journey is finally materializing. We are in the middle of selecting our participants and can’t wait to get to know the first 30 NOWers to start their Journey. What could be a better response to our project than getting 140 applications? 140 young people who want to […]

What’s with the Glitter and Unicorns?

When we tell our friends about NOW, a common reaction we get is this: “Well, your project sounds great. But why glitter and unicorns? After all, what should this mystical creature from fairy tales, beloved by small girls, daydreamers and fantasy nerds alike, have to do with a hands-on educational program on diversity, global issues, […]