About us


NOW was created by a group of educators, entrepreneurs, activists, and changemakers from different parts of the world. Together, we bring in extensive professional experience in intercultural learning, youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, non-formal education, social impact measurement, organizational development and social justice, among many more.

Working for many years in these fields, we found ourselves often debating what was missing: a program that doesn’t exclude, that doesn’t limit diversity to different national cultures, a program that fully and outspokenly offers learning opportunities that empower and generate change.

We created NOW working remotely from different corners of the world and yet being deeply connected to each other. Our work is guided by the values of Love, Boldness, Social Justice, Inclusion, Trust, Allyism and Personal Development.


Annina Schlatter
Elis Motta
Myrta Grubenmann
Rahel Aschwanden
Zlatka Niznanska


Collaboration lies at the core of NOW – and so does diversity. Therefore, NOW is working together with a wide range of different partner organisations. These organisations all have their own values and causes, and do not necessarily actively support each other.