About us


NOW was created by a group of educators, entrepreneurs, activists, and changemakers from different parts of the world. Together, we bring in extensive professional experience in intercultural learning, youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, non-formal education, social impact measurement, organizational development and social justice, among many more.

Working for many years in these fields, we found ourselves often debating what was missing: a program that doesn’t exclude, that doesn’t limit diversity to different national cultures, a program that fully and outspokenly offers learning opportunities that empower and generate change.

We created NOW working remotely from different corners of the world and yet being deeply connected to each other. Our work is guided by the following values:

  • Allyism_WithText
    We promote collaboration among different people, initiatives and groups. We exercise empathy, work beyond our own scope, and support social change across causes.
  • Boldness_WithText
    We dream big and engage in dialogue to spark innovative ideas for social change. We truly believe in what we do, and we walk the talk. We are radical, while being inclusive.
  • Inclusion_WithText
    We believe in the power of diversity. We go all the way to overcome barriers and enable everyone to participate, meeting people where they are at. To us, every voice matters.
  • SocialJustice_WithText
    We actively work to reduce the injustices in the world, starting at a local level and with a holistic approach. We pursue economically, environmentally and socially sustainable choices in everything we do.
  • Love_WithText 3
    We value each person’s complexity and strive to empower each other. We look out for one another and care for everyone’s wellbeing. We use non-violent methods to approach systemic change.
  • We collaborate at eye level and believe in honest, horizontal and open communication. We cultivate transparency and shared responsibility, and we always assume good intentions.
  • PersonalDevelopment 1
    Everyone is a learner and a learning facilitator. We foster opportunities for growth by giving and receiving feedback in a respectful and transparent way. We value mistakes as learning opportunities.


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Collaboration lies at the core of NOW – and so does diversity. Therefore, NOW is working together with a wide range of different partner organisations. These organisations all have their own values and causes, and do not necessarily actively support each other.

  •  We understand diversity as the inclusion of different identities, values, interests, worldviews, passions and causes. To ensure diversity in our program and our participants, NOW is working together with a wide range of partner organisations – from environmental activists to empowerment initiatives for marginalized youth and LGBT support groups to religious communities. This also, quite naturally, implies that their values as well as their views on certain topics can vary greatly – that’s what makes a great learning environment possible.

    However, all partners here displayed share a common understanding of the following core values:

    • A clear endorsement of and commitment to human rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
    • Rejection of any form of physical or psychological violence;
    • Openness to dialogue;
    • Respect towards any differences – as long as they do not lead to infringement of the above principles.

    Beyond these principles, the values and opinions of our partners may differ. Furthermore, being a partner organisation of NOW does not necessarily imply actively supporting other partner organisations’ causes or practices, but it certainly implies respecting differences.

    NOW shares with its partners our commitment to diversity, social change, and the belief that if we want to go far, we’d better go together.